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At World Hobbies you will find all your Radio needs. We have transmitters from Hitec, Multiplex, Ikonnik, Atomic and Twister; receivers from Hitec, Multiplex, Ikonnik Twister and Atomic; servos from Multiplex, Hitec, Radient, Twister Haiboxing and HBX; servo testers from Hitec and Radient; gyro & stabilisation systems from Hitec, Twister and Ares; modules & receiver combos from HaiBoxing and Hitec; telemetry from Hitec and Multiplex; BEC and regulator units from Castle Creations, Hitec and Multiplex, batteries from Multiplex, Hitec, RFI, Volt, Haiboxing, Atomic, Twister and Radient; chargers from Hitec, Multiplex, Helion, Ares, Radient, HaiBoxing, HBX and Twister; switches from Hitec, Multiplex, Castle Creations, HaiBoxing, HBX, Atomic and Twister; battery box from HaiBoxing, HBX, Atomic; battery checker Radient; leads from Hitec and Model Engines; trainer systems from Multiplex and Hitec; crystals from Multiplex and Model Engines; antennas from Hitec, Multiplex, Twister, HaiBoxing, Helion, Radient; transmitter accessories from Hitec and, Multiplex; servo accessories from Hitec, Multiplex, Atomic, Twister, HaiBoxing, HBX and Castle Creations; servo parts from Hitec, Multiplex, Twister, Atomic, HaiBoxing and HBX; transmitter parts from Hitec and Multiplex; Apparel from OS Engines and Multiplex.

Can’t find the Radio products you’re after? Then give us a call on (03) 8793 5577 and we’ll help you out.

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