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More about Boats...

At World Hobbies you will find all you need for radio controlled Boats. We have boats from Atomic, Helion and Hobby Engines; boat kits Dumas; engines from OS Engines and Wilesco; ; radio transmitters, receivers and servos from Hitec, Multiplex, Ikonnik, Radient; electric motors and ESC’s from Castle Creations, OS Engines and Dumas; battery and charger LiPo batteries and chargers from Multiplex, RFI, Ares, Wingsland, Hitec, Volt and Twister; accessories from Dubro, Dumas, Atomic, Sullivan, Deluxe Materials, Hitec and K&S; starting equipment from Dubro, Sullivan, Ming Yang and OS Engines; fuel from Glowmax; 2-stroke oil from Deluxe Materials; spare parts from Atomic, Helion and Hobby Engines, OS Engines and Dumas, apparel from Multiplex and OS Engines.

Can’t find the Boat products you’re after? Then give us a call on (03) 8793 5577 and we’ll help you out.

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